Custom sewing services

Creating promotional gadgets requires an interesting job that demands significant creativity. As a Polish tailoring workshop, we prioritise high quality. Thoughtful design, meticulous stitching of individual elements, and sublimation printing on fabrics are the combination that allows us to create unique and eye-catching promotional gifts for standout companies that appeal to clients and meet eco standards.

We offer a wide range of ready-made products, but we can also fulfil orders tailored to specific needs. Let us know what you need, and we will gladly prepare custom-sewn gadgets that meet your expectations.

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Sewing services for items-how do we work?

As a team of skilled designers and tailors, we embrace challenging assignments and are not afraid to work with difficult materials or create multi-component projects. Our strengths include efficient project implementation resulting from over 25 years of experience, as well as a fresh approach to each task fuelled by our passion for creating products that unites all team members.

We possess knowledge and skills that allow us to construct demanding models involving material combinations and unique finishes. We understand the importance of executing projects quickly and meticulously, which is why we place great emphasis on effective communication and efficient management of the work process.

We simultaneously prioritise quality, timely delivery, and precision in execution.

Based in Poland, we can maintain international service standards while offering competitive prices.

Custom-made exclusive promotional gadgets

Our offer includes a standard range of gadgets, but customs sewing services characterised by unconventional parameters is always an intriguing challenge for us. We are here to provide solutions tailored to individual orders that precisely meet your requirements. Do you need a product with larger or smaller dimensions? Or perhaps you have your own vision for promotional products that you want to offer to your clients?

We will adapt the design to ensure that the promotional gadgets fulfil your specific needs. By utilizing the latest technologies and techniques, the promotional products that come out of our tailoring workshop are of the highest quality, ensuring maximum marketing impact. With exclusive custom-sewn promotional gadgets, you can be confident that many people will gladly use them, thereby effectively promoting your company's image.

Sublimation Printing - eye-catching prints

In order to create aesthetically refined gadgets, we have chosen sublimation printing, a technique known for its transfer printing. This popular printing method involves transferring a design from sublimation paper onto polyester fabric or ceramics using pressure and heat (between 350 - 400 degrees Celsius). Polyester fabric is an excellent material for sublimation printing as it has enough pores to perfectly absorb the ink.

The products on which we apply sublimation printing include:

  • Caps, bandanas, headbands

  • Suitcase covers, laptop covers, glasses cases

  • Luggage straps, lanyards

  • Fitness bands

  • Towels

Sublimation printing offers significant advantages - it does not fade or peel. This is because the ink is absorbed by the material rather than remaining as a layer on the surface of the fabric. This means that sublimation printed fabric can be washed as many times as desired, and the design will remain clear and intact because it is durable and resistant to chemical factors.

Sublimation printing on fabrics allows for the application of various graphic motifs on promotional gadgets, with logos being one of the most popular choices - a crucial element of visual identification for every company. Depending on the needs and type of item, the print can be applied to the entire surface or on tags and elastic bands, as in the case of towels or shopping bags.


Why choose promotional gadgets with sublimation printing?

The sublimation method allows us to create high-quality, stylish, and attention-grabbing marketing gadgets that can be used in various advertising campaigns. Their advantages include an appealing appearance, functionality, and an irreplaceable surface for showcasing company emblems.

Here's what makes our gadgets highly sought after:

  • Polish tailoring - we handle the design and sewing in-house.

  • Custom-made - we can create gadgets according to specified parameters.

  • Sublimation - printing that ensures excellent graphic durability.

We will create professional promotional accessories with impeccable finishes that will last for years. We understand the importance of having high-quality products for your company, and we make every effort to ensure our clients are always satisfied with the final product.

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