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The way companies present themselves to their customers determines their success. Our company, Media Ltd., has been operating in the eco promotional products industry for over 25 years, so we know exactly how to create eco-friendly gadgets that ensure every promotional campaign is a success.

We started as an advertising agency, but over the years and through collaborations with key partners, we have evolved into a producer of ecological promotional products with sublimation (transfer) printing. A strategic investment in a new headquarters and a modern machinery park has allowed us to focus exclusively on production using this technology.

We emphasize premium quality, which means creating eco corporate gifts that offer a price point in line with their quality and are therefore targeted at the most demanding customers.

Premium Class - next generation eco-friendly gadgets

Over the years, we have specialized in the production of zero waste promotional itemswhich we now supply to clients worldwide. As we continue to progress and follow new trends, we want to showcase a wide range of exclusive eco promotional products created in an eco-friendly spirit. These include items such as mesh bags, totes, clothing items, office accessories, and many other reusable and practical objects on which we imprint custom graphics, such as company logos.

The result of all the changes that have taken place in our company is the brand GREENVERTA (green+advertising), which encapsulates and embodies our company's philosophy in one word: "AS GREEN AS POSSIBLE" - as environmentally friendly as can be.

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Our mission - how do we care for the environment?

We aim for everyone-our team, advertising agencies, clients, and consumers-to practice eco-friendly habits to the greatest extent possible. We are aware that achieving 100% eco-friendliness is not feasible, but we strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Therefore:

- We use eco-friendly, certified printing inks.

- We manage waste responsibly.

- We derive energy from photovoltaic panels.

- We source materials from responsible suppliers.

The origin of the materials we use for production is crucial to us. To achieve this, we procure materials from both domestic Polish manufacturers and manufacturers located in other European countries. By collaborating with producers from across Europe, we have access to a diverse range of materials and products that meet our high-quality standards. We aim to dispel the negative reputation associated with promotional gifts, which many still associate with low quality.

Eco-friendly corporate gadgets are the future. We want to inspire our customers with an environmentally conscious perspective on promotional products that can have premium quality and serve as reusable items for years to come.

Who do we create innovative eco corporate gifts for?

Currently, we only collaborate with advertising agencies. We specialize in delivering innovative, environmentally friendly promotional products that help advertising agencies promote their clients' brands. These eco corporate gadgets are a discreet and effective form of advertising. They can be distributed to employees, customers, or business partners who, by using them on a daily basis, contribute to spreading the company's name and logo.

We create eco corporate gifts that are both stylish and environmentally friendly. They stand out with their high-quality craftsmanship and modern design. With our exclusive business gifts, you can recommend to your partners products that can be creatively utilised in various advertising campaigns.

What sets apart our eco promotional products?

Solid craftsmanship, excellent print quality, and utility-when choosing recycled gadgets, you don't have to compromise on quality or attractive design. Our eco corporate gifts are designed to be durable, practical, and distinctive. We offer custom designs and personalisation options, ensuring that promotional gifts stand out for companies during any promotional campaigns.

With our eco-friendly promotional gifts, every company can show its customers that they care about the environment. It's worth choosing them because:

- They are premium gadgets that we create in our sewing workshop in Poland.

- We offer tailored sewing-we can customize the appearance of the gadgets according to individual expectations.

- We use recycled materials, including RPET made from reclaimed PET plastic packaging. This helps reduce plastic waste in the environment, and our customers receive durable, convenient, and fashionable eco-friendly gadgets.

- We use certified and tested materials sourced from Polish and European suppliers.



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