Shopper Bag Strong

Minimum order quantity: 25 pieces

Looking for a promotional product that is practical and convenient for everyday use? A polyester advertising bag is the perfect choice for modern companies that want to stand out and gain additional space to showcase their logo. Thanks to its excellent durability and attractive colours, a bag with a logo will be eagerly used for both small and large shopping trips, serving as an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags.

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600x450mm- max. 60kg


100% Polyester- 321g/m2

Branding options

1. full-surface sublimation
2. sublimation-printed label
3. sublimation-printed elastic band

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Premium ecological items for demanding companies


25 years of experience in the advertising industry


A Polish sewing workshop ensuring professional and eco-friendly production


Certified materials from Polish and European manufacturers


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Shopping bag with logo-a popular and effective form of advertising

Using advertising bags in marketing efforts brings mutual benefits for both the company and the individuals who use them - they provide effective brand promotion while serving as convenient accessories for carrying groceries. Investing in customised reusable bags that can be hung over the shoulder is a clever move to spread your logo among a wide range of recipients, for example, during daily trips to the store.

Personalising the shopper bag strong

The effectiveness of advertising campaigns relies on the appropriate selection of promotional items. By choosing shopping bags with logo, you gain an attractive accessory adorned with clear, high-quality graphics that reflect your brand.

Personalising the advertising bag with your own graphics allows you to stand out from the competition and capture the attention of more people. Decide whether the imprint should be applied to the entire surface of the bag, on a tag, or perhaps on an elastic band.

We use modern and precise sublimation printing, ensuring excellent design durability and accurate representation of the colours used in your brand image. The dye penetrates the fabric, preventing fading, rubbing off, or wearing out, so your logo will continue to make a lasting impression.

Practical and eco-friendly bags with logo

Shopper Bag Strong is perfect for carrying heavier items due to its reinforced polyester construction. The optimal size, convenient shape, and softness of the material allow for comfortable packing and carrying of a larger quantity of goods. The durability of the bags is important because the longer they can be used, the better it is for the environment and the company's image.

Why choose a shopper bag strong?

- A proven way to increase brand visibility and recognition.

- Ideal for carrying heavier items.

- Very strong and can be used multiple times.

- Clear and long-lasting logo imprint ensures sustainable promotion.


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