Shopper Bag Light

Minimum order quantity: 25 pieces
RPETRPET available

The Shopper Bag Light combines a modern look with exceptional spaciousness and durability. Completing this ideal is its large print area. The customised reusable bag with print is created using the sublimation method across the entire surface. Upon request, we can add a tag or elastic band for easy packaging, which will also be designed according to your specifications. If your clients prefer a subtle form of promotion, we can create a solid-colour bag available in several stock colours, with the logo placed on an elegant tag sewn on the side of the product.

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600x450mm- max. 40kg


1. 100% Polyester - 105g/m2

2. RPET 100% Polyester - 105g/m2

Branding options

1. full-surface sublimation
2. sublimation-printed label
3. sublimation-printed elastic band


1. OEKO-TEX Certificate


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Premium ecological items for demanding companies


25 years of experience in the advertising industry


A Polish sewing workshop ensuring professional and eco-friendly production


Certified materials from Polish and European manufacturers


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Advertising bags - a proven way to promote your brand

By incorporating reusable shopping bags with custom prints into their promotional campaigns, companies can effectively build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty and engagement with their products or services. Furthermore, these types of bags are environmentally friendly, making them even more attractive as gifts for potential customers. The fine mesh texture of the bag gives it an elegant appearance. With the use of a modern printing method involving high temperature and pressure, the custom-printed shopping bag gains a unique look. We can apply creative graphics that reflect the company's image to the entire surface of the advertising bag, ensuring strong exposure to the corporate colours. According to individual needs, the bag can have a solid colour chosen from the available options, in which case the logo will be printed on a tag or elastic band.

What is the Shopper Bag Light advertising bag made of?

We strive to provide our customers with durable promotional items that will serve the people who use them for as long as possible. Our customised reusable bags are made of polyester, including recycled polyester known as RPET. This material is obtained from PET plastic packaging and helps reduce environmental pollution.

Shopper Bag Light - shopping bag with logo created with ecology in mind

We have introduced advertising shopping bags to our range with the aim of enriching promotional campaigns with interesting and useful gadgets, as well as protecting the environment. It's a great way to reduce waste. By having a durable shopping bag with you, there is no need to use plastic packaging that is often discarded in large quantities after just one use. A customised reusable bag makes any brand more recognisable and environmentally friendly.

Why choose Shopper Bag Light?

- It is lightweight yet strong and spacious.

- It offers a large surface area for printing attractive company graphics.

- It is a practical promotional gift aimed at a wide audience.

- It can be used multiple times, reducing waste.


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