Old school Bag

Minimum order quantity: 25 pieces

The old school mesh shopping bag is a throwback to the 80s, both in style and product practicality. The bag is characterised primarily by its exceptional elasticity and compact size when folded. This perfect combination contributes to the exceptional practicality of the product. Thanks to its flexibility and durability, the "mesh" can accommodate large shopping items and become an inconspicuous item in a man's pocket or a woman's handbag when folded. The product is available in various colours with the option of branding on a large, eye-catching tag attached to the handle

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600x150mm (without stretching)- max.20kg


100% Polyester - 25g/m2

Branding options

Sublimation-printed label


OEKO-TEX certificate

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Premium ecological items for demanding companies


25 years of experience in the advertising industry


A Polish sewing workshop ensuring professional and eco-friendly production


Certified materials from Polish and European manufacturers


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Old school mesh shopping bag - an original way to promote your company

Retro-style gadgets can be a creative way for many companies to promote themselves. The old school bag perfectly meets the needs of companies looking for unique gifts that also support an eco-friendly lifestyle. Due to the bag's woven mesh form, the logo is printed on a tag attached to the bag's handle. The tag's surface is large enough for the logo and text, which are printed using the sublimation method, making them clear and immediately noticeable.

What is the old school mesh shopping bag made of?

Old school bags are made of polyester certified with the OEKO-TEX standard, guaranteeing safety for users' health. The polyester mesh exhibits high durability, flexibility, and lightweight properties, while its structure ensures an aesthetically pleasing weave. Thanks to its stretchability, the mesh bag can accommodate many items, and when empty, it can be easily folded and stored, even in a pocket. The strong and eye-catching PRL Mesh Bag serves as an attention-grabbing, high-quality promotional gift that can be presented to employees or clients.

Old school bag - an eco-friendly promotional gadget

When folded, the mesh bag takes up minimal space and can easily fit into a small purse or backpack. This allows you to have it with you at all times, especially during shopping trips, reducing the need for single-use plastic bags. Due to its strong material and construction, it is suitable for packing larger and heavier items, but not limited to that. The old school bag, with its timeless and fashionable design, is also commonly used as a stylish bag for carrying documents, notebooks, or other personal items.

What sets apart the old school mesh shopping bag?

  • The PRL-themed mesh bag serves as a unique promotional gift.
  • The distinctive weave and high-quality material ensure durability.
  • Various colour options are available to match the company's branding.
  • Spacious, reusable, and compact when folded.

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